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About Us

Chapin Sewage Disposal started way back in the days of Ol’ Pop and Gram Chapin. Pop had some hair brained ideas to say the least (or as the stories go) and Gram would laugh and tell him why it wouldn’t work. But then, he had the idea of a septic truck and Gram, although skeptical, went along with this one because, after all, that’s a gift that keeps on giving (right?). In no time, they realized this was taking off and soon they needed another truck. Their son, Roy, joined forces and it became a family business.

In 1974, Roy took over his parents’ business with the office help of his wife, Kathleen. Adding trucks and machinery, he found himself hiring a young man to help out, who you’d come to know as Pat.  Pat turned out to be Roy’s "right hand man" for many years. The business grew, in customers and quality, and the Chapin name became a local standard for sewage disposal.

In 2020 Roy sold the business to his grandson and his wife, Nate and Kelly Marsico. Maintaining the Chapin quality standard, they added new equipment, expanded service lines, and increased personnel to make Chapin Sewage Disposal “one stop shopping.” From installation to maintenance, 1 call and you get the experience and quality you’ve come to trust for decades without having to dial again.

Now as the story goes, work was work but fun was fun and there was a lot of that too (still is) and Roy loved racing cars and quads and snowmobiling. He still runs to see a good race when he’s not on one of the trucks! If there’s some good music and good times to be had, this group is up for it! We work hard but we have a lot of fun when we’re not working because we’re together a lot! Friends are the family you get to choose...and we chose good ones here at Chapin’s! Cheers!

In Loving Memory of Peter Pat Sutton III

In loving memory of Pat Sutton
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